Saturday, November 28, 2015

More art journal pages

These pages are just me playing around not yet having a good feel for what goes where.  I used some glossy accents here, and it made my pages very sticky.  I watched a youtube video on one of my favorite  artists, Vicky Papaioannou about sticky pages and followed her advice. That's why some of this pages are somewhat shiny.  But it has definitely improved the sticky situation.
Please leave a comment or any suggestions if you have any.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

First Pages

so Im not sure if anybody are looking at any of these but they are just my first attempts of  creating and learning new mediums through an art journal.  I have found that I really enjoy art journaling, because its a small project that you can experiment with all kinds of techniques and mediums and you get to just close the pages once your done.  I really like that it doesnt have to be themed or to any standard, its just you and your thoughts brought to live.  sometimes it comes out not so great and other times you fall in love with your own creations, and in my case I felt like I use this space to grow in my art.  Hope you enjoy my creations and please leave me a comment if you liked something or have any suggestions.  Im not a pro at this, Im also learning while going with it.