Sunday, February 14, 2016

Love my bunny - art journal page

To make this page I started by drawing the little creature. I then coloured the background using gelatos in oranges yellows and pinks. I set the colour using varnish spray.
Please check out my video on how to lock in distress inks to see more.
I then coloured the little creature using white and grape gelatos, shaded using my finger. The bunny is coloured with my white marker and then everything is outlined using a big and thinner black marker. I then used my Faber castell stencil with white acrylic paint to give some interest to the background and then thinned black paint and made it run from the top to the bottom.

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Angle doll face - art journal page

To start this page I drew the girl in pencil and then coloured both pages in beige acrylic paint. I like to do this when I am doing a face or I know I will be colouring a picture. The beige also gives a nice base colour for skin tones. I the continued to colour e girl with acrylic paints and used gelatos in grey and blue for the background and grey for the wings with a white acrylic base. I ended it off with black and white markers

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Let your heart sing - art journal page

To make this page I started using patern paper  up up in strips and stuck them down with Matt medium. Then put some acrylic paint in pink and white and metallic acrylic paint in purple. I drew the bird in pencil and then coloured it using my finger to blend the colours in blue purple and white. Once I was happy I shaded some of the outlined patern paper with gelatos in blue pink red and purple. I then used a marker to outline the bird and used a white marker to make the hearts and wording.

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Friday, February 12, 2016

Believe in magic- video

Believe in magic - art journal page

Really wanted to make a redhead and I love how it turned out.
For this page I started by drawing out the doll face and then covering the pages in beige acrylic paint for a base. I then painted the face and hair with acrylic paints. The background is done over the acrylic paint with peacock feathers distress ink. Stenciling in same colour but applied more and white ink. The words are with white marker and outlined in black.Spelling error on the word believe, but i will leave that as is, since changing it will only rune the whole page.
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Thursday, February 11, 2016

I loved you at your darkest

Carry love and kindness with you - Video

Carry love and kindness with you

The first thing I started with was my distress ink, I use peacock feathers for the top and worn lipstick for the bottom half. I started to apply the ink directly to the page but it was to hard to apply, this is thick 300g watercolour paper.  I then decided to gesso over the ink and apply the ink again.  Works great, blends perfectly.
There the ink is already applied, and I stamped using some seedless preserves and salty ocean distress ink to bring out the colours.  I added stars to the background using white gesso and a stencil I have made with my Brother scan n Cut.
I found some left over pattern paper that I wanted to use and drew a watering can on it.
I cut it out and use my purple gelatos to go over the edges for shading.

 Here I traced around the edges with a pencil to get an idea of there it would be placed and just shaded with pink gelato to make a nice border.            
I drew some flower shapes on left over cardstock and coloured them with gelats, and gave it a thin coat of pink metalic paint, in the middle I used some Faber Castell Glass bead glitter gel for a special touch.

 Stick it all down 

  Played with some stencils and Texture past.

  Finished the words with a black and white marker and my white marker went spat on the page, luckily I could still save it, but then used the scooped up ink from the marker to make the white splats.  I liked it.
Hope you have enjoyed this as much as I have, I will put a quick video of the end result up shortly, just so you can see the pretty shine of the glass bead and glitter gel... (love this stuff) 

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Hope you enjoyed!

Friendship card

Made this card for a friend. Hope she wil like it as much as I loved making it.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Hidden Message

Art journal, mixed media, stamping, texture paint, acrylic paint, gelatos, metallic paint, glitter, paper placing, lace, distress inks, markers

Monday, February 8, 2016

Be free little girl

Flipping through my art journal - video

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hope you enjoyed.

Every day is another chance

Teddy bear is made with acrylic paints, using the brush in a dabing motion to create texture. The rest of the background is made with gelatos and I also dis some stamping and texture paint. The wings are also we gelatos to create soft almost transparent colour.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Life doesn't have to be perfect...

I had so much fun making this page, I just got a nice quote from Pintrest and went for it. I started by drawing out the doll face and then colouring it with acrylic paints. The shirt of the doll is paper cut out. The background is made with pink acrylic paint and then I did some stamping in black and pushed it into the background more with a coat of cream paint over the stamping. I did texture paint over a stencil. Finished off with gelatos in die doll's hair and on the boarder of the age. The writing is done with a thick permanent marker.

Hope you enjoyed!

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Monday, February 1, 2016


This page is made with background using Tim holts tissue paper, and over that for colour I used gelatos. Leave a comment below for specific colours. I always seal the gelatos or my inks in with a thin coat of white gesso but you could use clear. Using some patern paper I cut out some leaves and put some gesso on. The background also have some stamped buttons in distress ink and white chalkboard ink circle and gesso splatters.

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Hope you enjoyed!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Locking in distress inks

Love life

Trying out some new varnish spray on distress inks, locked in the ink beautifully and was able to touch it and play with it after the spray. Posted a quick video on YouTube If you wanna check that out.
The rest is some paper placing again and some coloring in water paper with my fave distress inks.
Hope you enjoyed!
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