Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Gelli Arts Printing Play session

Hi there lovely arty friends.

As it was my birthday in March, I got a bunch of art supplies from my hubby, and in among the mix, a GELLI ARTS PLATE.  Boy was I one happy girl.  I have been wanting one for ages, and even thought about looking at making my own plate, but decided to just go for the real thing and see if I actually enjoyed it.  AND, I LOVE it!!!  I love how you cant control the outcome that much, but how its tricky in that you have to sometimes wait for it to dry a bit, and sometimes pull the print straight away. Its so cool to experiment with them, and the outcome is always great.  So now you have played with your plate, you have made some pretty cool prints, now what do you do with them?  Well in this video I'm going to show you my first attempts and what I did with my prints. Why don't you grab your plate and play along with me.

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