Thursday, March 22, 2018

St Pietersburg White Nights Watercolor Review and First Impressions + free printable

Today I have a First impressions and review for all you watercolor lovers out there.  I really wanted a artist grade set of watercolors to embark with me on my new found love for watercolors, and after watching so many reviews on all kinds of leading brands out there, I opted to put these on my birthday list.  They are a really good option if you are comparing price vs value.  They retail for $65 for 36 full pan colors.  That comes to a average of $1.8 per full pan or artist grade, light-fast super vibrant pigment!!!  Prima marketing has lovely colors, but they are not artist grade, or light fast, and they come to an average of $1.75 per half pan. Another example is Windsor and Newton cotmans set - 24 half pans for $42 - comes to $1.75 per half pan, Student grade.  There are many examples I can list for you, but these paints are really value for money.

If you want my full honest opinions and see the color swatches, then be sure to check out my YouTube video:

Here is a link to amazon where you can purchase this set at a great price:

Your free downloadable here:

Some Pics:

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