Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Baby wipe flowers - part 1

Baby wipe flowers?  Yes, its a thing!  I use baby wipes to mop up all my excess paints, then I use that wipe and make flowers.  Let me show you.

Step 1: Get messy with your baby wipes, make sure to mop up all the paints, and then set them aside.
Step 2: Leave them to naturally dry.  If you hit it with your heat tool it will change the shape of the wipe.
Step 3: Once dried, fold the baby wipe in a third. (1/3) Cut that flap off.  Put it aside.
Step 4: Take the remaining two thirds (2/3) and fold it into a square of four pieces.  Now cut a rough circle through all four layers.  Take the remaining third flap and fold that into a square of about six layers.  Cut a rough circle through them.
Step 5: You should now have one pile of larger circles and one pile of smaller circles.
Step 6:  Take a long object that is heat proof, like a pallet knife or a scissor and press it directly in the middle of one of the piles of circles and apply direct heat to the circles using your heat tool.  Be sure to do this on a heat resistant surface.
Step 7: The edges of the flowers will begin to shrink and curl.  Be careful not to burn the petals.  Do this in a well-ventilated area, as they do create a bit of smoke.
Step 8:  Do the same technique with the second pile of circles to create the petals.  Take care, they will be hot.  Use hot glue to glue all the individual petals together, and glue the smaller pile into the larger one.
Step 9: Now just make it pretty by gluing a button or a bead into the middle, and add some glitter or sparkle to the petal edges.

  See the video here:


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