Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Part 2 - Baby Wipe flower project with step by step guide

Today’s fun project is one I did for the Feb/Mar 2018 issue of Mixed up Mag – How to use Baby wipe flower in a project.

Step 1: Make the baby wipe flowers using the method found in part 1 ( Set them aside for later.
Step 2: Draw a shape resembling a vase. Then colour the background of your canvas or project. I used water colouring methods by diluting dylusions paint with lots of water.
Step 3: Stencil on some texture and interest on the background and on your vase.
Step 4: Using the same method to create the flowers, make leaves for your flowers by just cutting out a simple leave shape out of your baby wipes in green. Then apply heat to them. (See article on how to make babywipe flowers)
Step 5: Use hot glue to piece the flowers and leaves together. Be careful as it’s hot and you could get burned.
Step 6: Again using your hot glue, glue these flowers onto your project, over the vase so it looks like the flowers are coming out of the vase.
Step 7: Add finishing touches by using a stabilo all pencil in black to create some shadows and dimensional effects.
Step 8: Round off the edges of your project by going around the page with Memento black ink to just tie it all together.
Step 9: Now stand back and admire your beautiful art work!
DETAILS: Be sure to use hot glue to glue the flowers down, as they are a bit heavy and could easily fall off. Don’t add heat over your flowers once you glued them down, as this will change the shape and make them curl more.

Watch the video here:

• Baby wipes flowers and leaves (See how to make them here:
• Hot glue
• Dylusions paint – White linen
• Dylusions paint – after midnight
• Dylusions paint – Vibrant Turquoise
• Memento tuxedo Black
• Stabilo all pencil – Black
• Faber Castell Stencil 101
• TCW – Stencil – Daisy Chain
• AALL & Create – Stamp - #2


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