Thursday, June 22, 2017

Jane Davenport - Drawing and Painting Beautiful faces Book Review

Hi Peepes,

So i have done a quick peek inside the LOVELY Jane Davenport's book on drawing and painting beautiful faces. Check it out here:

Please find the link to this wonderful book on Amazon here:

I hope it has been helpful to you in making a decision whether this book is for you ( I won't say "or not" because it has to be for you, its for everyone!).  Please note that I am in no way affiliated with or sponsored/rewarded in any way to give a positive review.  My findings and opinions are purely my own. And I LOVE IT! Truly, how can I not!?

I have actually dremt about being able to paint as beautifully as Jane last night!  In my dream I also met Jane and we were in Bali sipping pina coladas and painting on the beach, so …. CLEARLY a dream, but I do believe this book will take you on a journey to drawing better, and more alive characters. I can already see a big positive change in my own art, from just what I have read and practiced already.  Revolutionary and mind altering!  For me at least! 
Big thank you to Jane for creating such a lovely teaching book filled with beauty and love!

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Lots of love and big hugs


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